The Membership Committee

This committee works on matters relating to membership development, recruitment and retention. The committee makes recommendations for membership activities, coordinates membership campaigns and programs offered by the local, state and national association, and performs additional duties as may be assigned to it by the President or Board of Directors.

The Vendor Committee

Addresses matters relating to the activities of the Vendor Members of the Association and promotes networking opportunities between Owner and Vendor members including planning of the annual apartment industry trade show, vendor tour and charity silent auction.  The Committee works with other committees to provide recommendations and coordinate vendor support of association programs and activities including membership recruitment, events, education and advocacy. 

The Government and Law Committee

Oversees and coordinates the government affairs activities and programs of the association in order to execute the public policy goal and objectives of the association.  The committee coordinates action and involvement by the membership on public policy recommendations and advocacy efforts in support of the state and national association.

The Programs and Events Committee

Addresses matters relating to the selection, organization, planning and coordination of activities of the association that promotes networking and educational opportunities of its members.  The committee is charged with the responsibility of coordination of general membership meetings, including the Annual Meeting of the membership, education programing, and special membership events.   From this committee, members are also assigned to several sub-committees to work on specific events including the annual golf outing and Apartment Excellence Awards.

Special Ad Hoc (task force) Committees

In addition to the committees identified above, the President, under the direction of the association’s board of directors, may appoint members to an Ad Hoc committee that is formed for the specific or immediate needs of addressing an issue or matter as determined by the board.  The Ad Hoc committees may be assigned to report to one of the committees identified above or directly to the board as directed, and is disbanded upon the completion of its work.