April 20, 2017 Meeting: Imagine Transportation 2.0

Carly Dobbins-Bucklad is Project Manager for the Regional Transportation Alliance of South Western Pa and a Senior Policy Analyst for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.  Ms. Bucklad will offer insight into the initiative, led by the Conference, to create a vision and effort for better transportation in the greater Pittsburgh region. 

The Transportation Alliance released its report in early March, Imagine Transportation 2.0, which was developed over the past two years largely through input from civic and business leaders and the region’s elected officials.  The report is to serve as a starting point for discussions, ideas, and partnerships we will need to achieve the shared goals of improving transportation in our region.   The vision includes Seven Principles to provide guidance needed to make decisions and investments that will achieve better mobility for all.  These principles are further illustrated by 50 ideas to explore that include specific projects to improve transportation in our region.  The Alliance is reaching out to organizations seeking our input and assistance by working together to endorse and advancing these Principles to achieve a better transportation future for our region. 

About the Regional Transportation Alliance

With the urging of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission – the formal transportation planning body for our region- and with the support of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, public and private sector leaders from across the region formed the Regional Transportation Alliance to ask the important question: How can we do better at transportation? 

People in our region want better transportation, better connections between places, to move people and goods, and access to jobs and education with more convenience, safety and reliability.   But how can we achieve this in today’s environment and how can we guide investment in a smarter way that ensures that it is aligned with our shared goals?

Over the past 18 months, the Alliance asked people who work and live here that very question while engaging technologists looking at the future and state officials who deal with transportation issues every day.  The result of that effort is Imagine Transportation 2.0.  Today, we’re living in Transportation 1.0 with the thought that we must come together to think about what’s next and how we should embark on a new path of seeking different and imaginative ways to solve our transportation wants and needs.  What’s known for sure is that yesterday’s solutions simply won’t work for tomorrow’s challenges.

The Alliance has proposed a path in moving forward for better mobility for all, but they know they’re not the only good ideas out there.  They are looking for new levels of collaboration and community champions who are willing to push and energize leaders to take action.  The Alliance is asking stakeholders, such as AAMP, to join them in working together to achieve a better transportation future for southwestern PA.  Let’s begin the conversation and get moving forward!